12 Years In China can be found in many locations. Pick one to suit your listening needs.

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12 Years In China

Interview Series

What exactly is 12 Years In China?
Have you ever been to China? Do you have any idea what it's like to live in a place that is so tightly controlled by the government? Can you imagine what spending 12 years in China would be like? Jake Linnell did just that. 12 years later Jake returned to the United States and now he has not just one story to tell, but a whole lot of stories to tell. More than that, this podcast series has him not just reconnecting with his child-hood friend, Nate Maughan but also making new connections with random guest co-hosts. So if you want to laugh, cry, scream and cuss. Start out with episode one and work your way up. Or you can walk on the wild side and pick one at random.

How it all began...
It all began back in 1988... As a child, Jake moved a lot but when his father landed a job at a steel mill in Northern Utah, it would change his life in the most profound of ways, setting sail on a sea of hardships, failures, redemption, and love. He landed in a small, sleepy town in the heart of the LDS , would leave him feeling alienated and outcast. In sixth grade, Jake met a plump, mulleted oddball by the name of Nate Maughan.  After a fairly short amount of time, Jake and Nate nearly came to fisticuffs when Nate decided it would be funny to poke the bear that was Jake over and over again.  Right there in health class, Jake was fully ready to punch Nate's big head through a wall. Once their egos mellowed, they found that they were both awash in a vast ocean of conformity whence they did not fit in, and subsequently created a bond that would last beyond the duration of most human friendships.

After Jake calmed (and other Jake got his ass kicked...no, really.  That's what happened) the two outcasts made their way through the grind of junior and high school, always recognizable but ever on the fringe of schoolyard norms.  They would find each other in the same social circles, but as is so common in life, they began to go their separate ways.

Fast-forward 22 years to the year of your lord 2016 - the two men have reunited, renewed their friendship, and discovered an unlikely but absolute kinship in their fascinating, dark, and sometimes awful life stories.  On a fateful late-July mid-morning, the two would realize that their paths needed to merge, and they made it happen with relentless dedication.  So it began that the two would embark on a journey to explore each other's lives as they had been in the past two decades.  Their meeting that day would forever alter the course of each of their lives, and they decided that Jake's story needed to be told to the world...and that Nate would interrupt him - A LOT.

12 Years in China is a multi episode interview series with Jake Linnell. It's a tale about a strange odyssey in the remote and different country of the People’s Republic of China, that became a 12 year journey.  From the first moments of Jake’s arrival to the current day, the unlikely duo explore Jake's life and times before, during and even after his 12-plus year residence in the Communist state.  Now, Jake and his family work to adapt to life in the USA and Nate works to just grow up. These podcasts are full of bad jokes, worse puns, and foul language, and the duo works diligently to say exactly what's on their mind.  However, it's only entertainment.  One can expect to feel a multitude of emotions from happiness to fury, and we make this show for solely those reasons - to entertain ourselves and be good enough at it to share with the world.

12 Years In China leaves no subject untouched. We play to give you the option to ask questions, give criticism, or just put in your 2 cents. (You can already do this through the comment section for each episode.) Remember this: 12 Years In China Interview Series was created for fun and entertainment as well as a hard-reality check about the goings-on in the world.  There's really only one goal for the podcast:  to have as much fun as possible while telling a most fascinating tale of two men in their forties trying to figure out just what happened...

12 Years In China can be found in many locations. Pick one to suit your listening needs.

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